Wright Building & Design

Why Wright’s?

Oh so many reasons…

Here at Wright Building Center, we are a people-first company. For our crew, we have a goal to create a fun, happy, and healthy work environment where our team members can flourish. And for our contractors and core customers- we are here to make their jobs easier. We are in the business to partner with people.

You’ve got many choices about where you buy your lumber and home improvement materials. And, we know that! But, here at Wright Building Center, we would still love to let you know about all of the reasons why we should be your go-to home improvement retailer.

So, grab your favorite notepad, sit back and relax. Then, put Wright Building Center on one side and the competition on the other, and let us help you fill up our column with all of the reasons why we’re going to send you home happy every time.


  1. Here To Partner With You
    For Our job is to make  yours run smoother, if we aren’t doing this, we’ll fire ourselves.
  2. We’re A Good Time
    Quick, I mean, we are selling lumber not saving lives. We know how to have a good time while getting the job done, of course.
  3. A People-First Company
    It Thats right.  Our #1 priority is the crew that keeps us rolling and loyal customers who keep us in business. Your success is ours.
  4. Bunch Of Humans
    We work hard to get it right every time.  But we are a bunch of humans. We will drop the ball, and when we do we promise to make it right asap.
  5. Proud Towny
    Born here.  Built here.  Proudly local and here to partner with you since 1964.