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With Wright Building Center

We will make your dreams come true! At Wright Building Center, we offer interior design services that will transform your space into your absolute dream home. Located in the heart of Southern Illinois, we are home to one of the few professional interior design teams in the region.

Wright Building Center is a one-stop shop for design. Most importantly, our incredible design team will walk you through the process from start to finish. Wright Design Team’s design process follows these simple steps:

  • Walk Through – Our designers will walk through the space they will be designing to get a feel of how the room currently functions and flows
  • Design – Our designers create a beautiful design for your home that is based upon what you want and need.
  • Approval – Your designer will show you the design that has been created for your home, giving you a chance to make changes before settling on a final design
  • Install – After your design has been completed and approved, our team will install everything, from top to bottom!

What is Interior Design?

More Than a Look

A common misconception about interior design is that it is just as simple as decorating a room or space. However, it is much more than that. Interior design services set out to design spaces that are not just beautiful and well decorated, but also that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designs work to maximize both comfort and style.

What Interior Design Projects Can Be Done By Wright Building Center?

Wright Building Center specializes in kitchen design, kitchen remodels, bathroom design, and bathroom remodeling. These spaces have a huge impact on the flow and the aesthetic of your home.

Our Work

Our hardworking interior design team at Wright Building Center has transformed countless spaces across the Southern Illinois region. We take pride in our work and strive to make each client happy. To view some of our designs, check out our full gallery on Houzz.

With the help of our design team at Wright Building Center, your beautiful dream home is just one step away! Contact us today to tell us about your project!

Wright's Interior Design Service

Why You Should Use an Interior Design Service

Hiring an interior designer offers many benefits. Using a design service can save you time, money, and effort in your quest to make your home beautiful. Here is a list of reasons to hire an interior designer.

  • Time: Instead of spending hours of your time designing, planning, and shopping, a professional designer will handle all of that for you.
  • Money: A designer knows how to maximize your budget, no matter how big or small. Additionally, instead of accidentally picking out furniture that is too big or a paint color that is too bold, your designer will help you avoid these costly mistakes.
  • Guidance: You will have a professional to guide the entire process and make your vision come to life in a careful and productive manner.
  • Value: The value of your home will increase. In the event that you would need to sell your home, the resale value of your home would increase, simply because you used the professional services of an interior designer to create a functional and timeless space.

How to Choose?

How to Choose an Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer is an important decision. So, to find a designer that will make your visions of your home come to life, it is essential that you not only like the designer’s design style but also that you are able to connect with your designer and help them to understand your personal style and goals. We have put together a list of five tips when navigating the process of finding a designer.

  • Honesty: Be honest. The interior design process relies on a high level of honesty with both yourself and your designer. It is important to be upfront about expectations of what the terms of service involve. Whether you want the designer to design the whole space from top to bottom or want someone to help place orders after you have designed the space yourself, it is necessary to be honest about what you want. This will lead to a better result and help to prevent disappointment over unmet expectations.
  • Budget: Set your budget before you ask for a design estimate. This will make it easier for your designer to work within your budget and create a design that works with materials in the most economical way for you.
  • Guidance: Let your designer guide you through the process. Instead of instructing them through, trust their expertise and let them guide you through all of the steps and decisions that are made to make your house match your vision.
  • Communication: Respond to all emails or messages from your interior designer. Failing to respond leads to deadlines that are not met. Good communication is essential to guarantee that all supplies, materials, and specialists needed can be secured on the appropriate timeline to meet your deadline.
  • Confidence and Trust: Choose a designer that you confidently trust to make your vision come to life. This will help to make the design process both fun and beneficial for you. When you trust your designer to do the work more than you trust yourself to do it, you will end up with a space that feels uniquely yours.

Kitchen Design and Remodel

What’s Cookin’?

A kitchen remodel is a great way to give your home a fresh, new look. Remodeling your kitchen can take your design from drab, inefficient, and out of style to functional, convenient, and beautiful. Through the use of cabinets, hardware, tile, countertops, lighting, and more, Wright Building Center can transform your space. All of these elements work together to create the “wow” factor that you are looking for in a kitchen that is beautiful and functional.

Pro Tip!

One huge design feature that impacts the flow and function of a kitchen are the cabinets. Cabinets are a major component of establishing the aesthetic of your kitchen. As a result, changing the appearance of your cabinets can transform the entire look of the space. Repainting or changing the hardware on your cabinets can make a huge difference, or you can choose to upgrade completely to new cabinets. Additionally, the storage space that they offer keeps the food and small appliances off of your countertop, giving the space a less cluttered and more inviting appearance.

Bathroom Design and Remodel

Half Bath? Full Potential.

Functional bathroom design is an essential part of creating a home that you love and can relax in. Remodeling your bathroom can help give your bathroom that function and flow that it has been missing. And, not only can a remodel help increase that value of your home, but it can provide you with more storage, better energy efficiency, and more. Through the use of cabinets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, tile, and other elements, Wright Building Center can transform your bathroom into your stunning dream space and give it the “wow” factor you’ve always wanted.

Pro Tip!

A major element of a functional bathroom is the lighting. So, by taking into consideration both function and aesthetic, lighting will be properly placed within your bathroom to make the space work well for everyday activities such as applying makeup or shaving.



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