Building Materials

Quality Building Materials


Southern Truss
Power Truss


1/4″ – 4×8
3/8″ – 4×8
1/2″ – 2×4
1/2″ – 4×4
1/2″ – 4×8
1/2″ – 4×12
1/2″ – 4×8 moisture/mold
5/8″ – 2×4 firecode
5/8″ – 4×4 firecode
5/8″ – 4×8  firecode
5/8″ – 4×12 firecode

Cement Board

Fiberock Aqua-Tough
1/4″ – 4×4
1/4″ – 3×5
1/2″ – 3×5


Platon Foundation Waterproofing
Do-it Best
Boman Kemp


Recommend R-value
Roxul – Safe&Sound
Roxul – ComfortBatt
Owens Corning fiberglass
Green Fiber celluose
*purchase 25 bags = rent machine for FREE
Atlas foam board
Owens Corning foam board


Leaf Blaster
Do-it Best
Gutter Stuff


“Great selection, great pricing! All things are available or can be ordered! Shelby has helped me many times finding things, along with many other employees!.”
Tristian S.

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Service is EXCELLENT and when it's not, they make it right. Just got about $3,000 in materials delivered, flawless transaction, great staff. Buy local. Would defiantly recommend Wright!

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