Picking the “Wright” Paint for Your Home’s Interior

Picking the “Wright” Paint for your Home’s Interior

Paint is a huge part of your home’s interior. The paint you choose, specifically the finish of the paint, can totally make or break your living space! So, check out this guide from Wright Building Center to find the “Wright” paint for your space.

What is a paint finish?

A paint finish refers to the sheen that is given off by a paint color. The finish stands out most when light is shone on them. Particular rooms of your house and certain colors of paint will look better with different finishes.

What paint finishes can you choose from?

Matte: If you want a paint that gives off a flat reflection when light is shone on it, then matte paint is the right paint for you. A matte finish does not have much of a sheen to it, making it a great finish choice when using dark paint colors. Another reason to choose matte paint is because it doesn’t show as many flaws in your wall. Because this finish doesn’t reflect much light, the flaws will be hidden.

Eggshell: Eggshell paint is a combination of matte and glossy paint finishes. This finish is actually named after an egg. The shell of an egg is mostly matte, but has a slight sheen to it when placed in the correct lighting. This is a great finish for anyone who can’t decide between glossy or matte paint.

Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss paints are perfect for rooms that have plenty of natural light or for light paint colors. These paints are reflective and brighten up a space. In addition, they are easy to clean, so they are great for use in rooms that might get messy often, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

High gloss: High gloss is exactly what it sounds like, highly reflective and shiny. It is often used for painting accents, such as trim. This finish of paint, however, will draw a lot of attention to any flaws in your wall. 

Choosing the “Wright” Paint Finish

So, have you learned about what the “Wright” paint finish for you is going to be? Stop by Wright Building Center in Murphysboro or Sparta today to pick up the paint you need for your project. Contact us today!

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