Wright Kitchen Design and Remodel

Wright Kitchen Design and Remodel

So, 2020 wasn’t what we expected by any means. Maybe while spending so much time at home, you have decided that your kitchen needs an update. Whether you are looking for a full remodel or just a facelift, even small makeovers can change the look of your kitchen immensely.

Backsplash with Style

 One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up your kitchen is a simple backsplash. Even though it is simple to put up, a new backsplash gives the kitchen a new dynamic. With your backsplash, the sky’s the limit. Starting with color, textures, and materials you can create a beautiful look. The backsplash helps make the most abused area of the kitchen easy to clean from spilled food and hot grease splatters.  Don’t have time to install a new backsplash? Add a coat of fresh paint to your kitchen walls! Even a new coat of paint can help bring some life to a kitchen. A Wright kitchen remodel using our team at Wright Building Center can help you find the right option for you!

Cabinet Concepts

The main focal point of the kitchen. Whether you want to completely re-do your cabinets completely or update them with a little color and/or accessories, Wright Building Center has all you need. This may also be your chance to try open shelving. Using an open shelving system can help where you lack in kitchen space. By using an open concept, you display your kitchen while creating needed space. 


Creative new lighting

When creating your dream kitchen it is important to factor in the lighting. For example, if you are installing dark cabinets with a light backsplash it will help to add that bright color by installing lights under the cabinet. It brings the eyes to the color contrast in a pleasing look. If you installed an island in your kitchen, use hanging lights to help show it off and brighten the space.  


Need help? Call us!

So, you have some new ideas for your kitchen and need some help executing them. But, you are in luck! With a Wright kitchen remodel, you’ll have a beautiful kitchen in no time! Contact Wright Building Center today to learn more.

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