Choosing the ‘Wright’ Hardware for Your Cabinets

Choosing the ‘Wright’ Hardware for Your Cabinets

There are so many elements that go into working on the interior design of your home. One of those elements is choosing the perfect hardware for your cabinets. Hardware is one of the little details that is easily overlooked when working on a home, but it can make a huge visual impact when picked correctly. So, how do you choose the ‘Wright’ hardware for your cabinets? This guide will help you choose the hardware that is right for your space and style.

Hardware Types

Before you can choose your hardware, consider whether you are wanting knobs, pulls, or a mixture of both. This decision can be made by thinking about the functionality of the cabinet or drawer. Knobs generally work best to open cabinets but can be used on drawers as well while pulls are easier to grip because of their size and are often used for drawers. In addition to function, it is also important to think about the visual appeal. Knobs are often smaller and make less of an impact while pulls are larger and make more of a statement. 

Hardware Styles

After you’ve decided what type of hardware, it is time to look into specific styles of knobs or pulls. There are many different styles, ranging from modern to rustic and everything in between. Some knobs are small and flat while others are round and taller. Pulls are the same way. They range from more traditional styles to a more modern ledge pull style. Choosing the ‘Wright’ hardware will require you to consider what the design of the space around it is going to be. You’ll want to make sure that whatever you are choosing fits in well with the style of other elements in the space.

Hardware Finish

The last step before installation is to choose what finish you want your hardware to have. Hardware comes in a variety of different finishes. This is another decision that will be influenced by the stylistic elements that the drawers or cabinets will be sharing the space with. Think about the cabinet, drawer, and wall colors, as well as what other items such as your appliances or faucets look like. All of these should play a part in selecting what finish you choose for your hardware. Once you’ve made this decision, then you can move on to purchasing the hardware in the sizes that you need and installing it.

The ‘Wright’ Hardware at Wright Building Center

Still have questions about picking the ‘Wright’ hardware? Don’t worry! The interior design team at Wright Building Center can help you make the perfect choice for your space. Come visit our team in Murphysboro or Sparta today!

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