Windows: When to Replace Them

Windows: When to Replace Them

Having a home is a big commitment. It is essential to make sure you are taking good care of it. If it has been awhile since you have replaced or inspected your windows, it may be time to start taking a closer look at them. Whether you’re replacing your old window with Wright’s windows or are looking to get them inspected, there are important things to look for first before making a final decision. 

Wright’s Windows Functionality 

Are your windows functional? Checking the performance of your windows is the first thing you should look for. If it is difficult to close or open windows or lock them, it may be time to replace the old ones with Wright’s windows. If air is making its way through your window, then you should definitely question the lifespan of your windows. 

Wright’s Windows Style and Appearance

Having damaged or poorly looking windows can impact the value of your home. If your home’s windows have deteriorated to the point that they affect the look of your home and decrease its value, you may be in need of new windows. 


Heating and cooling is the most significant factor when it comes to your energy bill. Many people overlook the fact that a home’s windows plays a role in the efficiency of a heating and cooling system. Old windows begin to lose their energy efficiency, as they fail to properly retain heating and cooling. Wright’s Windows can be installed in the place of older windows to promote temperature retention, and reduce energy cost. 

Have Questions? 

If you have any more questions regarding when to replace your windows or any of wright’s windows options, contact Wright Building Center today! Our team would be happy to help you with your next project, so give us a call or check us out on Facebook.

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