What Materials are In Style in Interior Design

Looking for what the next big interior design materials are out there? Well, you have come to the right place! Take a look at the next big trends, and get inspired with ideas on how to make your space stand out. 

Retro/80s look 

Fill your space with spectacular colors, neon, and definite shapes to create a room that pops! In 2021 the 80s started making a comeback and you can see it in many modern homes. Many young homeowners want to say goodbye to simple colors and patterns and bring interior design materials into their homes that are unique in color, texture, and design. At Wright, you can find a large selection of intricate colors, shapes, and textures to fit your retro look, just ask one of our fantastic designers how you can get in on the 80s action! 

Wellness / Nature 

Nothing calms a room down like a natural look. Perfect for any lifestyle, natural interior design materials utilize elements such as natural stones, plants, greeneries, light woods, and cream-colored materials and granites. The modern wellness design is sleek and comfortable. It is the perfect option for someone who wants a modern look without having to sacrifice the homeliness of their living space. When you want clean, elegant, beautiful, the wellness design trend is the train you will want to hop on. 


Diving a little deeper into nature is sustainability interior design materials. This is a more rugged look that really embraces natural textures and colors. The emphasis here is earth-friendly materials with plant-like finishes and natural colors. This trend really stands out in the diversity of the textures it utilizes. You can choose anything from a smooth finish to a cobblestone look, and still maintain a natural-looking, beautiful room. 

Luxury Minimal 

Less is more nowadays and nothing screams that better than the luxury minimal interior design materials. This design is very heavy in metallics and premium stones like marble. Meant to give off that sleek modern look while adding a bit of color to keep things interesting. This is a great choice for a minimal maintenance design while still having quality looks. 

Vegetable Fiber / Organic 

Another nature-focused trend, organic materials are known for their hot colors and variations in pattern. Here you’ll still see stones such as marble, but they will rarely be a singular color and have patterns that pop out. This trend makes a lot of use of vegetable fiber, giving off a handmade look that is calm and inviting. An organic look is perfect for calm and creative spaces, as this look really sparks the imagination. 

See for yourself! 

Do you have more questions or want to see these designs in person? Contact Wright Building Center Today! WE would be happy to show you all of our fantastic designs and get you paired with a professional interior designer to find what would look best for your space. Contact the team at Wright Today!

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