Styles of Interior Design

Styles of Interior Design

There are so many different styles of interior design out there. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming to become familiar with the different styles. As a result, Wright Building Center has put together a guide of the most common interior design styles.


A minimalist design style is characterized by simplicity. Minimalist spaces often appear clean and modern, showcasing a “less is more” attitude. This style is great for small spaces as it helps them to appear larger. Additionally, minimalist design is a timeless style that will stay on trend for much longer than many other design styles or fads.


A contemporary design style is a modern, yet timeless, style of interior design. Contemporary styles are simple and calming. They place emphasis on architectural elements and use color palettes that are concise and well put together to create a space that is serene, sophisticated, and warm.


Traditional design style celebrates the deep history of design styles in the past. This style combines modern elements with much more traditional elements from European decor in the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional designs often feel very warm, inviting, and have a personality of their own.


Transitional design styles combine traditional and modern elements into one style. These designs create a space that feels serene while combining elements of multiple design styles. It is a unique style that is completely custom to each person who uses it. 


Rustic designs are practical, comforting, and oftentimes fuss free. The rustic style is characterized by natural materials and colors, usually creating a relaxed, organic vibe. When you think rustic decor, think comfort and exposed beams!


If you want a fuss free design with stripped back architectural details, look no further than the industrial design style. Industrial styles draw much of their inspiration from warehouses or factories. When you think of industrial, think exposed brick, metals, wood, and even recycled materials. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse designs combine rustic, country elements with a more modern minimalist style. A Modern farmhouse is all about creating a balance between the appeal of modern elements and the comfortable, casual country elements. Using a modern farmhouse design puts a fresh spin on rustic designs and allows a lot of room for customization and for the homeowner’s personality to shine through. 

Modern Country

Modern Country designs keep natural simplicity at the heart of everything they do. These designs use a lot of neutral colors such a cream, brown, or white along with lots of wood elements such as exposed beams, paneling, or wooden floors. It’s one of those classic interior design styles that feels cozy, comforting, and simple! 

Interior Design at Wright Building Center

At Wright Building Center, we offer interior design services that are sure to fit your personal preferences of interior design styles. Contact us today to learn more about interior design at Wright Building Center.

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