Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen

Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen

A smaller-sized kitchen holds just as much potential as a larger-sized kitchen. All it takes is some careful planning to create a beautiful and functional small kitchen. Here are some tips for turning your small kitchen into the ‘Wright’ kitchen for you!

Drawers Over Doors

Switch up your cabinets to drawers to maximize how much usable space you will have. Drawers give off an organized, chic vibe, even if the contents of the drawers aren’t organized.

Breakfast Bar

Obviously, space is crucial in a small kitchen, so why take up tons of space with a bulky kitchen table that won’t fit well, and install a breakfast bar instead. By giving up a couple of cabinets, you can install a small breakfast bar that keeps your space from getting cluttered and cramped by a table.


It is super important to carefully consider where you place your appliance, drawers, cabinets, and sink. You need to ensure that each of these items will be able to fully function once everything is installed. After all, you don’t want to open a drawer only to be blocked from fully opening it by the oven handle. 

Hardware Choice

While your choice of hardware doesn’t seem to be important or impactful, it can have a surprising effect on the visual appeal of the kitchen. Using simple, streamlined hardware helps the kitchen to appear larger than bigger, bulkier handles. Additionally, in a small, tight space it is easier to accidentally catch your clothes on hardware, so choosing small, streamlined hardware cuts down on the likelihood of this happening.

Appliance Size

Bigger does not mean better in the world of small kitchens. It’s tempting to choose larger appliances, but you need to be realistic about what your space can handle. Appliance manufacturers make appliances that are specifically designed for small spaces, so consider choosing those for your kitchen. 

‘Wright’ Kitchen Design

Still stuck on how to layout and design your small kitchen? Talk to the interior design team at Wright Building Center! We’ll be happy to help you with your kitchen, making sure that it is the ‘Wright’ kitchen for you. Contact us for more information today!

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