Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are very difficult to design. However, getting help from a quality building center can help you design your dream bathroom. Our professionals are here to give you the tips you need to remodel your small bathroom.  

Removing Unnecessary Items

Rooms that have items that jut out or have sharp corners, can add an uncomfortable level of complexity. This may mean that you will have to avoid fancy additions like towel bars, large toilet paper holders, or other various jutting decorations. Keeping a mall bathroom simple and sleek, creates a more homely feeling, and will promote comfortability. 

Think About a Skylight 

If you are working with a small bathroom with a tall ceiling. A building center will most likely recommend a skylight. While this of course is by no means a must have. Having a skylight creates beautiful lighting and colors. If a skylight isn’t what you are looking for, sky murals are a popular and cost-effective option to splash your bathroom with some much needed color. 

“Create” More Space

You can create the illusion of much more space than you actually have by eliminating visual clutter. Ask your local building center how to select features that limit visual strain. Some options include clear showers, and limited hardware. 

Knock out that Bulky Vanity 

Bathroom vanities can take up a lot of space. Which is why many retailers offer smaller, “apartment-sized” vanities. Check out your local building center for potential options regarding a smaller vanity, this can really open up your bathroom, and allow you to really utilize the space.

Bigger is Smaller When it Comes to Tiles

Ask your building center about playing around with larger tile options for your bathroom. Funny enough, larger tiles make small bathrooms appear larger, and give you a more spacious feel. Play around with different tile sizes and angles to find what feels right in your bathroom. 

Oh, The Door!

One of the fastest ways to lose a lot of space in a bathroom is to have an inward swinging door. Avoid buying a bulky door, and be sure that it swings outward. This creates an incredible amount of space while the door is open, and reduces the overall claustrophobic feel that comes naturally with a small bathroom.

Storage you Didn’t think of!

Have you ever thought about how much wall space you really have? You can carve niches into the wall and create storage space. Protruding shelves and large cabinets can take up all the space you have. Ask your local building center about wall space and storage options that may be available to you. Wall storage can be an option that makes a small bathroom feel like a makeshift storage room. 

Have Questions? 

We would love to help! Reach out to Wright Do-It Center Today, so we can help you design, prepare, and create your dream space for your small bathroom. No project is too big, or small for our team at Wright! Check out our website or Facebook. Click or Call Today!

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