Install Services

Installation Services

The professional help you want.

So, you bought one of our products but now it’s time to install it. Did you know that you can have Wright handle the installation services and not have to lift a finger? Wright has the qualified professional installers that you need, located right here in Southern Illinois so you can be sure that the job gets done right! So, find out more about installation services and sales and why Wright is the best choice for your project.

What is an Install Sale?

Let’s say you just purchased a new front door –  but somebody has to install it.  So, why not us?  Your purchase made easy – buy it and have it installed by the same place.  Good idea huh? No more jumping through hoops, know your expert, know your price, know your time frame, and get it installed Wright!

You could choose anyone - Why Wright's?

Need a reason to choose us for your next install?  
We’ll give you five.  First, ALL of our installers are fully trained and insured. What’s that mean to you?  If Adam the repairman falls off the roof, you are not liable.  Secondly, You’ll have a complete contract thoroughly defining the scope of your project. No surprises here.  Third, Labor warranty – all of our installs are backed not only by the product warranty but with a full one-year labor warranty. Talk about feeling safe and secure!  Fourth, we’ve been around a while- just a little.  Since 1964 to be exact.  What’s that mean to you?  Rest assured that we have the experience and will be here when you need us.  Fifth and Last but certainly not least – we like what we do.

So, are installation services sounding like the way to go? Give us a shout! We would love to hear about your project. Visit us at one of our two Wright Building Center locations in Murphysboro and Sparta today. To learn more about our installation services, contact us at (618) 687-1702 (Murphysboro) or (618) 443-5335 (Sparta).

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I've been shopping at Wright's since I was 5 with my uncle Ronald Stanton Sr. A lot has changed but the friendly customer service has not changed in over my 30 years of shopping.

Russell Conder

I worked closely with Beth to create a large, unique, beautiful custom cherry wood countertop. I could not have asked for a more responsive or professional person.

Shari Rode

Service is EXCELLENT and when it's not, they make it right. Just got about $3,000 in materials delivered, flawless transaction, great staff. Buy local.

Steve Gough