Interior Design Trends in 2022

Whether you are looking to do a bathroom remodel, spice up your living area, or design a whole house, it is always good to stay on top of trends and beautiful designs. Let Wright help you, make your space perfect for 2022. 

Retro Style Designs

Retro is back, baby! Look out for beautiful reds, plush furniture, abstract shapes, and designs that pop. Grab your favorite classics because the 70s are back in force. 

Urban Style Designs 

Have you ever walked by beautiful pieces of street art? Bring that feeling into your home, for a contemporary feel. Urban art styles focus on simple colors and unique shapes, coming together to create intriguing styles and captivating spaces. 

Tech Trends: Smart Furniture

The future is here, and with fancy new furniture. Many pieces now come with automated features, and lifestyle improvements, tailored to the new consumer. With unique, slopping shapes, and helpful features, this not only improves the look of your living space but can make daily life easier. 

Polka Dots: Living and Bathroom Remodel

The most iconic retro look, for those trying to create a bold look for their space. 

Multi Functional Trends 

In the modern age, we don’t need to divide things up so much. Multifunctional spaces combine the uses of more than one room, into a beautiful joint space that brings people together. 

Sustainability and Glass: Basement, Recreational, and Bathroom Remodel

Create a dynamic space that incorporates indoor and outdoor space, by using glass, foldable walls, and unique doorways. For the whole year, every year, take pride in your sustainable space, and enjoy a connection to the outdoors. 

Organic Design 

Nothing looks natural quite like materials that are well… natural! Cork walls, hump curtains, and other natural designs are going to be the highlight of interior design in the new year. 

Shades of Green: Bedroom and Bathroom Remodel

If you can’t tell already, nature is a big player in the interior design scene right now. Green signals wellbeing, and nature. Using multiple shades of green can add some variety, while maintaining a positive feeling in your space. 

Minimalism: Living and Bathroom Remodel

Clear lines, with high quality material. Simple yet elegant. Perfect for kitchens or a bathroom remodel. Minimalism is great for making a space look clean and uniform for guests or daily living. 

Recreative Spaces

They say don’t work where you play, but that trend is about to change. The future of interior designs consists of many recreational spaces, sprinkled into our work spaces. This is a great way to bring some life to your office space. 

Have any more Questions? 

If you have any questions or want to ask a professional interior designer about your space. Contact the home improvement experts at Wright Building Center today!

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