Hot Colors for Interior Design in 2022

Hot Colors for Interior Design in 2022

2022 is fast approaching, which means we are about to see new color trends in interior design. Here are some of the top colors that our interior design team sees coming in 2022.


Up first is gray-green. This color is a subtle neutral tone that can be used in many different ways, including adding a soft pop of color around the home. Gray-green tones are already being recognized by major paint companies as a hot color for the year.

Earthy Tones

Organic, earthy tones are going to be a huge hit in 2022. Greens of all undertones will be all over, from emerald tones or earthy tones. Overall, expect earthy tones to become a new neutral color. 


Sunny shades are back! Be on the lookout for buttery or citron yellow tones to start trending. These once again nature-inspired hues are perfect for creating a space that feels calming, beautiful, and simple. 

Deep Aubergine

Hues that are almost black are currently huge, one of the most popular being a beautiful shade of deep aubergine. This gorgeous eggplant color is a bold, sophisticated, and classic color that can perfectly tie together a space when complemented with neutral furnishings.


We couldn’t put together a list of hot colors for 2022 without including chartreuse! This bright, fun green-yellow color becomes the star of any space that it is used in. This energetic color can be used in many different ways, such as paint for your walls or upholstery on your furniture.

Warm Neutrals

And, saving the best for last, are warm neutral colors. These warm-toned colors make any space instantly feel more cozy and comfortable. Even better, these shades are incredibly versatile, so they can easily match changing decor styles.

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