Halloween DIY- Floating Candles

Halloween DIY – Floating Candles

With Halloween around the corner, the Wright paint department at Wright Building Center has a trick that will surely be a treat in your home. A very popular decoration that some may find daunting is actually easier than you thought. Floating candles……yes like the ones in Harry Potter. These candles are such a whimsical fall decoration that look difficult but are quite easy. Here is what you need:

-Battery Operated Candles

-Metallic Gold Spray Paint

-Flat Black Spray Paint

-Painters tape

-Hot Glue Gun

-Fishing Wire

First, you want to tape off the flame part of the candle so as to not get paint on it. Following the directions on the can, you will want to spray the entire candle with the flat black. Allow the candles to dry. Then, using the gold paint, apply it to the candle with a heavier color on the bottom and lighter towards the top to create an ombre effect on each candle. Allow the candles to dry again for 24 hours before full use. Then, attach the fishing wire with hot glue and allow it to dry completely before hanging. Be sure to make check that the fishing line is nice and secure. Finally, hang your candles from the ceiling to give them the floating effect. 

So, that doesn’t sound too hard, but where should you get the supplies? Well, that answer is just as easy as the project itself! The Wright paint department at Wright Building Center can help with your paint supply needs, and you can find the rest of the supplies at a local craft store.  So, if you are a Hogwarts fan or just want a fun Halloween DIY, this easy project is sure to please! To learn more about Wright Building Center, visit our About page or give us a like on Facebook!

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