Hot Decorating Trends: Floating Shelves

Hot Decorating Trends: Floating Shelves

Chances are that if you’re into home decorating diy projects, then you’ve seen floating shelves. Floating shelves have become one of the hottest decorating trends. These shelves are nothing new, but they have risen to new popularity. These shelves may look difficult to install, but in reality, they should not take more than a few hours to get installed. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, making your own floating shelves is one of those diy projects that can easily be completed in 2-3 weekends. 

Before making or purchasing floating shelves to install, you need to decide exactly where they will be placed. Using open wall space for your floating shelves is the best location to install them because it maximizes their storage and decorating potential. Here are some of the common places to install floating shelves.

Good Places to Install Floating Shelves

Bathrooms: Having enough storage space is often tricky in bathrooms. Floating shelves can be made in small, thin configurations that allow you to add functional yet beautiful storage space to your bathroom.

Kitchens: Chances are, you’ve probably wished for more storage space in your kitchen before. Floating shelves can offer your more storage space in a way that is more convenient and takes up less space than cabinets. 

Home Library: Using floating shelves can create a cute, impromptu library space in your home, without dealing with the boundaries that traditional bookshelves have. Floating shelves can be placed as far apart as they need to be, allowing you the chance to customize them the fit the perfect height for your books. 

How to Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves need to be installed using brackets on a wall stud that will support their weight. Using a stud is what allows you to create the effect that the shelf is floating. To find a stud in your wall, you can use a stud finder. We recommend that you find the studs before making or buying your floating shelves to ensure that the shelves are compatible.

Once you have your studs found, shelves made or purchased, and brackets ready, it is time for the install. Make sure that you install your shelves level by using a chalk line and pencil marks. Once you have your level line ready, install the shelves and you are ready to enjoy your new shelves!

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