Getting Your Deck Ready for Spring

Getting Your Deck Ready for Spring

Spring has sprung, so you’re probably gearing up to start putting your deck to use again as the temperatures grow warmer. But, did you know that the harsh winter months can be rough on your deck? Winter and the weather that comes along with it can cause your deck to splinter, warp, crack, or even just simply accumulate dirt and debris. However, there’s no need to worry! Wright Building center has rounded up some deck maintenance tips to help make sure that your deck is in tip top shape to be enjoyed.

Inspect for Damage

Do a thorough inspection of your deck. Be on the lookout for any loose or damaged boards on the floor of your deck. And, make sure that the railings aren’t loose and are free from any splinters or raised screw or nails, as these cause safety concerns. If your desk has any of this damage, repair or replace the damaged areas. Even though composite or vinyl decks typically don’t require the same amount of maintenance as wood decks, it is still important to inspect them as well. Start by looking at the structure of your deck and ensuring that the structure does not seem weakend. 

Clean It

There’s a good chance that your deck could use a good cleaning once the winter months clear up. First, you should clear off any furniture, grills, or more off of your deck to make cleaning easier. Then you can sweep off the debris that has accumulated on your deck. To get an even better clean, you can choose to power wash your deck or use a mild bleach solution or other deck cleaning products.

Reseal It

Making sure that your deck is properly sealed or stained can help to ensure that your deck’s materials last longer. It is recommended that you restain or reseal your deck every 2-4 years. A nice stain color is a great way to cover up weathering on your deck or give it a brand new look. 


Once your deck has been inspected for damage and cleaned, you can redecorate it to get it ready for the warm spring months. Go for something simple, like brand new plants, or go big and replace your deck’s furniture. Simple switches or additions can go a long way to make your deck ready for the season.

Deck Maintenance with Wright Building Center

So, for the products and supplies that you need for your deck maintenance project, visit Wright Building Center in Murphysboro or Sparta. We are more than happy to assist you with your project and answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today, or shop online for everything that you need.

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