Does My Chimney Need Cleaned?

Does My Chimney Need Cleaned?

If your home has a chimney, having it cleaned is an important safety measure that needs to be done. Chimneys help funnel smoke out of your home but can be the cause of a house fire if they are left uncleaned for too long. The chimney fills up with residues, including soot and creosote, from smoke and even with debris from outdoors, such as whole or partial birds nest. Learn more about cleaning your chimney from Wright Building Center, your area lumberyard.

When should I clean my chimney?

You should have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. Additionally, you should have it cleaned once before you use it for the first time of the year. If your chimney has gone years without being used, you should have it cleaned before using it again. If your chimney is connected to an appliance, such as a wood stove, check it for signs that it needs to be cleaned more than one time per year. 

What are the signs that my chimney needs cleaned?

To determine whether or not your chimney needs to be cleaned, shine a light through it, either up from the bottom or down to through the top to see how much soot and creosote has accumulated. If an eighth of an inch has accumulated, it is time to clean your chimney. Additionally, if you start to notice the following signs, it is time to look into cleaning:

  • Soot deposits 
  • Sluggish smoke rising
  • Distinct smells, such as a wet cardboard smell

Choose Wright Building Center

Is it time to pick up supplies to clean your chimney? Come out to Wright Building Center, your local lumberyard, to get what you need to get your chimney cleaned and back to top-notch shape. Or, give us a call for any other home improvement supplies you may need, including tool and equipment rental.

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