Car Care Tips for the Winter

Winter can be very hard on your car, from the AC going out to window replacement. However, there are plenty of things you can do this winter to keep your ride running smoothly into the spring. 

Don’t put it off from simple oil changes to window replacement

If your car starts having a tendency to stall, or idles rough, this problem is only going to get worse in colder weather. Getting your car to a shop before the winter months can prevent major issues later. 

Change your oil and filters 

These are the two most common and probably the most crucial precautions that can be taken before winter. In cold weather, failing to do these things can cause major problems down the line. It can damage the inner workings of your engine, and dirty filters can make your car less efficient. 

Check your battery 

Every year you should get a mechanic to check your battery to ensure it is working properly and in the best condition it can be going into the winter months. 

Replace tires 

If your tires are worn, there is a high chance that you will slide on slick roads. If you see your tires are losing their tread, you should replace them BEFORE the cold starts to set in. If you have low-profile or sport tires, you might need to switch to snow tires. 

Add de-icer to your gas tank 

Adding some de-icer to your fuel about once a month can prevent freezing in your fuel line. This can prevent cracking and other forms of long-term damage. A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze is recommended, and do not remove the radiator cap when filling. 

Check your windows / Window Replacement 

If there are any cracks in your windows, think about a window replacement. Cracks in the windows of your vehicle can get worse with bitterly cold weather. 

Need help with your car part or window replacement?

If you have any more questions, contact your local experts at Wright Building Center, so we can help you with all of your home improvement needs! 

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