Styles of Interior Design

Styles of Interior Design

There are so many different styles of interior design out there. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming to become familiar with the different styles. As a result, Wright Building Center has put together a guide of the most common interior design styles.


A minimalist design style is characterized by simplicity. Minimalist spaces often appear clean and modern, showcasing a “less is more” attitude. This style is great for small spaces as it helps them to appear larger. Additionally, minimalist design is a timeless style that will stay on trend for much longer than many other design styles or fads.


A contemporary design style is a modern, yet timeless, style of interior design. Contemporary styles are simple and calming. They place emphasis on architectural elements and use color palettes that are concise and well put together to create a space that is serene, sophisticated, and warm.


Traditional design style celebrates the deep history of design styles in the past. This style combines modern elements with much more traditional elements from European decor in the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional designs often feel very warm, inviting, and have a personality of their own.


Transitional design styles combine traditional and modern elements into one style. These designs create a space that feels serene while combining elements of multiple design styles. It is a unique style that is completely custom to each person who uses it. 


Rustic designs are practical, comforting, and oftentimes fuss free. The rustic style is characterized by natural materials and colors, usually creating a relaxed, organic vibe. When you think rustic decor, think comfort and exposed beams!


If you want a fuss free design with stripped back architectural details, look no further than the industrial design style. Industrial styles draw much of their inspiration from warehouses or factories. When you think of industrial, think exposed brick, metals, wood, and even recycled materials. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse designs combine rustic, country elements with a more modern minimalist style. A Modern farmhouse is all about creating a balance between the appeal of modern elements and the comfortable, casual country elements. Using a modern farmhouse design puts a fresh spin on rustic designs and allows a lot of room for customization and for the homeowner’s personality to shine through. 

Modern Country

Modern Country designs keep natural simplicity at the heart of everything they do. These designs use a lot of neutral colors such a cream, brown, or white along with lots of wood elements such as exposed beams, paneling, or wooden floors. It’s one of those classic interior design styles that feels cozy, comforting, and simple! 

Interior Design at Wright Building Center

At Wright Building Center, we offer interior design services that are sure to fit your personal preferences of interior design styles. Contact us today to learn more about interior design at Wright Building Center.

DIY Tips for When You Are Working Alone

Most of the time a home project can be finished with some diy tips and some good ole’ fashioned hard work. For many people there is something satisfying about finishing an important project yourself, and being able to look at your work with pride when it’s all said and done. However, there are times when you will need a little more help than you expected. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to get over all those obstacles while still flying solo on your project. 

DIY Tips: Safety 

Safety is an important factor of any diy project. While it is always a good idea to get a professional if a job is too dangerous there are plenty of diy tips you can use to make your work site much safer. 

  • Use scaffolding instead of ladders – This allows you to carry things up and down the scaffolding a lot safer than if you were to try and use a ladder. 
  • Use a dolly – Don’t hurt yourself moving things that are too heavy, a dolly can help roll heavy objects where you need them to go. 
  • Use a wheelbarrow – Sometimes items are even too heavy for the dolly, but do not try to lift them into a wheelbarrow. Simply tip the wheelbarrow over and push the item in. This will give you leverage to lift the item without hurting yourself. 
  • Hanging drywall – Make sure to use a panel lift to do it safely. 
  • Holding up heavy objects – Make sure to use an adjustable extension pole for holding objects such as cabinets and air-conditioners in place, when attempting to install them. 

DIY Tips: Holding Items in Place 

  • Making a rig – support rigs or “cleats” can be made out of scrap wood. These are simply used to hold the other end of a large piece of metal, wood, or whatever you are working with. 
  • Using clamps – There are many different types of clamps, all with their own unique uses. Having clamps to hold things in place is vital for many DIY projects. 
  • Measuring tools – make sure to have a yardstick or some other type of semi-long measuring tool. This can be great for measuring long gaps in that would cause a tape measure to collapse. 
  • Have a toolbelt – One of the most common mistakes that DIYers make is not having anywhere to put your tools. This makes this one of the most important out of all of the diy tips. Having a toolbelt avoids reaching and many other situations that could become dangerous depending on the project. 
  • Finding the right breaker – Many projects require you to disable a particular outlet. In order to protect yourself and make sure you found the right breaker. Plug a noise-making device or radio into the outlet when going downstairs to check the breaker. When the sound stops, you know you found the right breaker. 

More Questions? 

If you have any more questions or need any assistance with your project, do not hesitate to contact the home improvement experts at Wright. We love hearing about new projects and would be happy to offer suggestions, tips, or even offer services. Contact us today!

When To Use Pressure Treated Lumber

When To Use Pressure Treated Lumber

Are you gearing up for a home improvement or DIY project that uses lumber? Choosing the correct lumber for your project is an important part of getting the job done right. Lumber either comes pressure treated lumber or is non treated. The benefits of choosing pressure treated lumber includes a longer life span due to resistance to rotting and insects, but this does not mean that it is a one size fits all choice.

Not sure which choice is the right choice for your project? Don’t worry! The team at Wright Building Center is here to help you decide what is best for you.

Moisture Contact

If lumber is going to be used in a situation where the wood will be in direct contact with a moisture source, pressure treated lumber should be used. What does this mean? Well, in short, this means that if the wood is buried underground or in contact with masonry.

Contact with People or Pets

If your lumber is going to be touched, it is best that you use non-pressure treated lumber. While treated lumber keeps out moisture, the chemicals that it is treated with are harmful to humans and animals. When inside the home or on an outdoor surface that will have lots of contact with people, it is important to use non-pressure treated wood.

However, if pressure treated wood is needed for a project such as building a deck that will be exposed to a lot of moisture, there is an option that can ease some of the risks. Using an oil based sealant is a great protective measure to take. These sealants prevent the harmful compounds from reaching the surface. 

So, ready to purchase your lumber and get your project started? Come to Wright Building Center in Murphysboro or Sparta to get everything you need. 

Jami Wright Named to Southern Illinoisan’s 20 Under 40

Jami Wright Named to Southern Illinoisan’s 20 Under 40

Recently, Wright Building Center owner Jami Lee Wright was named to the Southern Illinoisan 20 Under 40 list for 2021. The 20 Under 40 list is composed of individuals under the age of 40 who are nominated by readers for making a difference in their communities. Included on this list of some of the best leaders, entrepreneurs, and civic volunteers. 

Jami Lee Wright

About Jami

Since she was a young girl, Jami Lee Wright has always known that she wanted to work in the family business. Her grandfather opened the family business, Wright Building Center, in 1964, and it has since grown to two locations, Murphysboro and Sparta, and a team of over 50 members. Wright is committed to her family’s business and making sure that it is here to stay successful for generations to come. 

Jami is constantly learning from her peers and colleagues. She recognizes that many of her team members have been in the industry for over 20 years and know the industry very well. Because of this Wright has worked hard to build an infrastructure that works for her and the team, allowing them to provide their vital input and help everyone to find success.

In addition to learning industry from her peers and colleagues, she has also learned what traits she admires in others. Jami admires individuals who are honest, open to change, and have a good attitude. She finds that being open to change is so important because it allows us to know where we are falling short and improve.

Thank you to the Southern Illinoisan for taking the time to recognize Jami for all of her hard work by naming her to the 20 Under 40 list for 2021! This award is an amazing honor, so congratulations to Jami. To read the full article from the Southern Illinoisan, click here.

Getting Your Deck Ready for Spring

Getting Your Deck Ready for Spring

Spring has sprung, so you’re probably gearing up to start putting your deck to use again as the temperatures grow warmer. But, did you know that the harsh winter months can be rough on your deck? Winter and the weather that comes along with it can cause your deck to splinter, warp, crack, or even just simply accumulate dirt and debris. However, there’s no need to worry! Wright Building center has rounded up some deck maintenance tips to help make sure that your deck is in tip top shape to be enjoyed.

Inspect for Damage

Do a thorough inspection of your deck. Be on the lookout for any loose or damaged boards on the floor of your deck. And, make sure that the railings aren’t loose and are free from any splinters or raised screw or nails, as these cause safety concerns. If your desk has any of this damage, repair or replace the damaged areas. Even though composite or vinyl decks typically don’t require the same amount of maintenance as wood decks, it is still important to inspect them as well. Start by looking at the structure of your deck and ensuring that the structure does not seem weakend. 

Clean It

There’s a good chance that your deck could use a good cleaning once the winter months clear up. First, you should clear off any furniture, grills, or more off of your deck to make cleaning easier. Then you can sweep off the debris that has accumulated on your deck. To get an even better clean, you can choose to power wash your deck or use a mild bleach solution or other deck cleaning products.

Reseal It

Making sure that your deck is properly sealed or stained can help to ensure that your deck’s materials last longer. It is recommended that you restain or reseal your deck every 2-4 years. A nice stain color is a great way to cover up weathering on your deck or give it a brand new look. 


Once your deck has been inspected for damage and cleaned, you can redecorate it to get it ready for the warm spring months. Go for something simple, like brand new plants, or go big and replace your deck’s furniture. Simple switches or additions can go a long way to make your deck ready for the season.

Deck Maintenance with Wright Building Center

So, for the products and supplies that you need for your deck maintenance project, visit Wright Building Center in Murphysboro or Sparta. We are more than happy to assist you with your project and answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today, or shop online for everything that you need.

Windows: When to Replace Them

Wright Do-It Center

Windows: When to Replace Them

Having a home is a big commitment. It is essential to make sure you are taking good care of it. If it has been awhile since you have replaced or inspected your windows, it may be time to start taking a closer look at them. Whether you’re replacing your old window with Wright’s windows or are looking to get them inspected, there are important things to look for first before making a final decision. 

Wright’s Windows Functionality 

Are your windows functional? Checking the performance of your windows is the first thing you should look for. If it is difficult to close or open windows or lock them, it may be time to replace the old ones with Wright’s windows. If air is making its way through your window, then you should definitely question the lifespan of your windows. 

Wright’s Windows Style and Appearance

Having damaged or poorly looking windows can impact the value of your home. If your home’s windows have deteriorated to the point that they affect the look of your home and decrease its value, you may be in need of new windows. 


Heating and cooling is the most significant factor when it comes to your energy bill. Many people overlook the fact that a home’s windows plays a role in the efficiency of a heating and cooling system. Old windows begin to lose their energy efficiency, as they fail to properly retain heating and cooling. Wright’s Windows can be installed in the place of older windows to promote temperature retention, and reduce energy cost. 

Have Questions? 

If you have any more questions regarding when to replace your windows or any of wright’s windows options, contact Wright Building Center today! Our team would be happy to help you with your next project, so give us a call or check us out on Facebook.

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Kitchen and Bath Remodel Products

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are very difficult to design. However, getting help from a quality building center can help you design your dream bathroom. Our professionals are here to give you the tips you need to remodel your small bathroom.  

Removing Unnecessary Items

Rooms that have items that jut out or have sharp corners, can add an uncomfortable level of complexity. This may mean that you will have to avoid fancy additions like towel bars, large toilet paper holders, or other various jutting decorations. Keeping a mall bathroom simple and sleek, creates a more homely feeling, and will promote comfortability. 

Think About a Skylight 

If you are working with a small bathroom with a tall ceiling. A building center will most likely recommend a skylight. While this of course is by no means a must have. Having a skylight creates beautiful lighting and colors. If a skylight isn’t what you are looking for, sky murals are a popular and cost-effective option to splash your bathroom with some much needed color. 

“Create” More Space

You can create the illusion of much more space than you actually have by eliminating visual clutter. Ask your local building center how to select features that limit visual strain. Some options include clear showers, and limited hardware. 

Knock out that Bulky Vanity 

Bathroom vanities can take up a lot of space. Which is why many retailers offer smaller, “apartment-sized” vanities. Check out your local building center for potential options regarding a smaller vanity, this can really open up your bathroom, and allow you to really utilize the space.

Bigger is Smaller When it Comes to Tiles

Ask your building center about playing around with larger tile options for your bathroom. Funny enough, larger tiles make small bathrooms appear larger, and give you a more spacious feel. Play around with different tile sizes and angles to find what feels right in your bathroom. 

Oh, The Door!

One of the fastest ways to lose a lot of space in a bathroom is to have an inward swinging door. Avoid buying a bulky door, and be sure that it swings outward. This creates an incredible amount of space while the door is open, and reduces the overall claustrophobic feel that comes naturally with a small bathroom.

Storage you Didn’t think of!

Have you ever thought about how much wall space you really have? You can carve niches into the wall and create storage space. Protruding shelves and large cabinets can take up all the space you have. Ask your local building center about wall space and storage options that may be available to you. Wall storage can be an option that makes a small bathroom feel like a makeshift storage room. 

Have Questions? 

We would love to help! Reach out to Wright Do-It Center Today, so we can help you design, prepare, and create your dream space for your small bathroom. No project is too big, or small for our team at Wright! Check out our website or Facebook. Click or Call Today!

Picking the “Wright” Paint for Your Home’s Interior

Wright Paint

Picking the “Wright” Paint for your Home’s Interior

Paint is a huge part of your home’s interior. The paint you choose, specifically the finish of the paint, can totally make or break your living space! So, check out this guide from Wright Building Center to find the “Wright” paint for your space.

What is a paint finish?

A paint finish refers to the sheen that is given off by a paint color. The finish stands out most when light is shone on them. Particular rooms of your house and certain colors of paint will look better with different finishes.

What paint finishes can you choose from?

Matte: If you want a paint that gives off a flat reflection when light is shone on it, then matte paint is the right paint for you. A matte finish does not have much of a sheen to it, making it a great finish choice when using dark paint colors. Another reason to choose matte paint is because it doesn’t show as many flaws in your wall. Because this finish doesn’t reflect much light, the flaws will be hidden.

Eggshell: Eggshell paint is a combination of matte and glossy paint finishes. This finish is actually named after an egg. The shell of an egg is mostly matte, but has a slight sheen to it when placed in the correct lighting. This is a great finish for anyone who can’t decide between glossy or matte paint.

Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss paints are perfect for rooms that have plenty of natural light or for light paint colors. These paints are reflective and brighten up a space. In addition, they are easy to clean, so they are great for use in rooms that might get messy often, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

High gloss: High gloss is exactly what it sounds like, highly reflective and shiny. It is often used for painting accents, such as trim. This finish of paint, however, will draw a lot of attention to any flaws in your wall. 

Choosing the “Wright” Paint Finish

So, have you learned about what the “Wright” paint finish for you is going to be? Stop by Wright Building Center in Murphysboro or Sparta today to pick up the paint you need for your project. Contact us today!

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Interior Design Kitchen by Wright Building Center

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

There are many people looking to get some kitchen remodeling done in the coming year. While most of them will successfully create the kitchen remodel of their dreams, others may fall short. There are many costly mistakes people make while kitchen remodeling that can cost a lot of time and money. It is important to know the problems people face while doing a kitchen remodel to ensure your next project goes exactly as planned. 

The Main Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

A lot of work goes into a kitchen remodel, which means a lot of problems can occur throughout the process. Some of the most common remodel mistakes seem obvious at first, but being aware of them is going to really help you on your kitchen remodeling journey. 

It’s Pretty, but is it Functional?

Surprisingly enough one of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes is focusing too heavily on looks. You could have designed and built the most beautiful kitchen you have ever seen only to find out that you can’t open your dishwasher and cabinets at the same time, or the fridge is on the opposite side of the kitchen from where you prepare food. A lot of times homeowners forget to think of these small things only to end up disliking their kitchen design, not because it looks bad, but because it creates much more work than necessary. While having a great looking kitchen is always a plus, it is at the end of the day a workspace. 

Forgetting Something?

When doing a kitchen remodel it is very important to make a list of things you will have to have done by the end of the remodel. More often than not, homeowners will forget a crucial aspect of design, and by the time they realize it is too late. How many outlets do you have, how much counter space, cabinet space, does the style match the connecting rooms, do you have proper lighting, etc. When remodeling your kitchen make sure you have all of these things figured out before you get too far in. Know what appliances you want, and how the kitchen is going to fit with the rest of the house. Make sure the kitchen makes your daily life easier, and know that the things that you personally find important may not be the same things your designer finds important. Make your preferences known, so that you can ensure your kitchen remodel, makes things easier, and feels good, not just one or the other.  

One Color Overload

Having all stainless steel appliances sounds great, and you had them picked out the whole time, and they work so well. True, but when you walk into a kitchen and half the room is chrome, it isn’t that appealing to the eye. Make sure when picking colors and styles, you think about everything in your kitchen, not just the walls and cabinets. Have some diversity of colors and styles, to find a good mix. Know how your appliances are going to fit and look like in your kitchen. 

Need Help?

Did we throw too much information at you? Don’t worry, the team at Wright Building Center will happily take any questions you have, and help you get the design process completed in no time. You will know exactly what you are getting before we even lift a finger, so Contact us today, and let’s make your dream kitchen a reality! 

Rentals Done “Wright”

Wright Do It Center in Murphysboro IL.

Rentals Done “Wright”

Are you in need of tools, but don’t want to break the bank buying one? Leave that hassle behind! At Wright Building Center in Murphysboro Il, we know how to do tool rentals, Wright! 

In need of tool delivery? we can take care of that too! For only $10, Wright will deliver your tools within a ten-mile radius, and we’ll deliver trailered equipment for only $50. Even if you are a little past ten miles, don’t sweat it. We’ll go as far as you need for only $1.50 per mile after ten miles.  

What Do We Offer at Wright Do It Center in Murphysboro IL?

I’m glad you asked! Here at the Wright Do It Center in Murphysboro Il, we offer an incredibly wide range of tool rentals to choose from, all at an affordable price. Browse our selection of tools from our various categories: 

  • Nailers 
  • Hand Tools 
  • Power Tools 
  • Drywall 
  • Plumbing 
  • Concrete 
  • Earth Movement 
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Flooring 
  • Miscellaneous 


Wright Building Center offers anything from brad nailers to finishing nails to nailer accessories. We are here to help with any project you may need doing, whether it is crafts, repair, or a full makeover, trust the experts at Wright to get you the best nail gun rental at the best price. 

Hand Tools

We offer heater wrenches, flaring tools, master keys, levels, sweepers, pick-up magnets, and more all at Wright do it Center in Murphysboro Il. At Wright, you are guaranteed to find the hand tool you need for the job. 

Power Tools

Grab you saws, drills, and screw guns at Wright Building Center. The right power tool can make the difference between a smooth project, and disasters. That is why right is here to help you get the power tools you need at a price you’ll love. 


Drywall can be a real hassle, which is why Wright is here to help. Contact Wright’s to find a great selection of drywall lifts, scaffolding, texture machines, sprayers, and more. Drywall is a breeze with Wright on your side. 


Cleaning, repair, and everything in between, Wright Do It Center in Murphysboro Il, has what you need. Get the equipment you need to make your plumbing project easy, without having to buy it yourself. Let the experts at Wright get you a quality rental, that will help you get the job done right.


A hard concrete project can seem daunting, but with the tool rental available at Wright, you can leave the idea of buying expensive equipment in the past. Wright has mixers, drills, saws, and hammers. Anything you need to get your concrete project underway, you can find for rent at Wright.

Earth Movement

For heavy jobs, you need heavy equipment, and no one will give you better heavy equipment rentals than the experts at Wright.  We carry lines of Bobcat products, along with augers, trenchers, and so much more.  Excavation has never been easier, at Wright’s!

Lawn and Garden

Looking to have your garden be the talk of the neighborhood? Let us help! Wright can supply all the seeders tillers, post hole diggers, and whatever else you need at a great price. Make you garden one of a kind, with tool rentals from Wright!


Make your floor shine, with flooring tool rental at Wright! Cleaners, fans, staplers, and more are all easy to rent and use at Wright. Whether you are cleaning, repairing, or replacing, you can be a DIY master with Wright.  


Needing emergency tools, Wright can get you what you need when you need it. From generators to dollys, to heaters, leave the worry behind with Wright. Our experts here to help you no matter what situation may come up, so contact us today!

No matter what you need, Wright has you covered. Call or visit us today at Wright Building Center in Murphysboro, IL. Check us out on Facebook to see how you can get the rentals you need for your next project.